ARMOR Print Solutions
is now ALTKIN

More than ever, dedicated to alternative solutions
that liberate digital printing.

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Why Altkin?

ALT: As in ‘alternative’, like the key board function that allow the user to change functions and offer several cominations.

KIN: Originally meaning family or clan in English. A group of people united together (and it’s an anagram of INK, a little nod to where we’ve come from and what we do)

For us, Altkin means finding different ways to make an impact, together.

Our alternative solutions


Alternative solutions to free you from the constraints of managing a fleet of printers and
allowing you to maintain independance from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and without having to change your fleet.

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Altkin Industrial Inks Lab (A2I) designs water based inks for porous and non-porous substrate for different printheads. Benefit from our know-how, our in-house developed single-pass printer to simulate your production environment, high-tech laboratory equipment and a fully automated food compliant ink production factory.

Discover our brand


Alternative solutions to free your mind thanks to : made-to-measure. Because each customer is unique, we propose a tailor-made private label versions of all our products

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Our long history is our strength. Over the past 100 years, ARMOR Group has become synonymous with experience, know-how and logistical prowess within the industry. Today, ARMOR group is the world leader in thermal transfert. This history and industrial strength are intrinsic parts of Altkin’s identity.

  • 5 Logistic and distribution
  • +700 Employees
  • 18 300m2 Of logistics area
  • +2M Cartridges
    reused every year
  • 40t Of ink produced
    per month


From our history in the printing industry, which began more than 100 years ago under the ARMOR brand name, we have retained the infinite need for everyone to express, exchange, share ideas, reproduce, transfer and propose solutions to others in a clear, tangible and lasting form.

At Altkin, we are exploring alternative avenues to ensure printing is truly unconstrained. Our commitment lies in seeking innovative solutions that liberate the printing process from any technological and financial constraints, while providing a resolute response to environmental concerns.

At Altkin, we offer an open system where our know-how, industrial power and agility make it possible to print without constraints.

We take pride in delivering our services with a commitment to responsiveness, proximity, and a genuine desire to meet customers needs, and satisfy mutually beneficial partnerships.

At Altkin, we guarantee the freedom to print when desired, at the right time, in the right place, and with accuracy—whether in production processes or various applications. Our alternative range of products and services ensures that those who use them, as well as our partners, have the freedom to truly control their identity, uniqueness, and performance.

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